Explosion of donations

2017-07-15 | Lockport Union-Sun and Journal

July 15--Heather Haley, a bartender at the Navy Marine Club, 37 Park Ave., has made it her mission to help out the Niagara County SPCA. She started a fundraiser for the agency in mid-April and since then, the drive has really taken off.

For example, when she previously spoke with the US about the SPCA fundraiser, she asked for more paper towels and bleach. Haley said a lady came from Buffalo, "with a couple gallons of bleach and 15 rolls of paper towels."

In fact, Haley has received a lot more of just about everything.

Her original plan was to donate 50 pounds of dog food and cat food, a goal that was easily surpassed. When the SPCA came to pick up the stuff on July 14, she had collected 100 pounds of dog food, 70 pounds of dry cat food, many pounds of canned food, more than 30 bags of treats, 21 gallons of bleach, more than 50 rolls of paper towels, a dozen new blankets and many used towels and sheets. There was so many goods that the SPCA actually had to make multiple trips to transport all of it.

Also, the Navy Marine Club collected $500 to donate from its members, according to Haley.

Haley said that "it was very awesome" that the people that came from Erie County were "very adamant to make sure that these donations were going to the Niagara County SPCA."

Haley said that she plans to continue doing the donation drive because of the success of it. She will be putting in a doghouse jug for cash donations and keep a table up for people to drop off goods.